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2mm Dragees Silver 2oz


7 mm Dragees silver 2 oz


Dragees Copper 5mm 3.7oz


Dragees Copper Lentils 3.7oz


Dragees Gold 3mm 2oz #0


Dragees Gold 4mm 2oz


Dragees Gold 5mm 2oz


Dragees Gold 6mm 2oz


Dragees Gold 8 mm 2oz


Dragees Gold Rods 3.3oz


Dragees Multi Colored 4mm 2oz


Dragees Multi Colored 6mm 2oz


Dragees Multi Colored 8mm 2oz


Dragees Pale Gold Lentils 3.7oz


Dragees Pink / Red Rods 2oz


Dragees Pink 4mm 2oz


Dragees Rose Pink 4 mm 2 oz


Dragees silver 3mm 2oz


Dragees silver 4mm 2oz


Dragees silver 5 mm 2 oz


Dragees silver 6 mm 2 oz


Dragees Silver Chocolate 3.2oz


Dragees Silver Rice 3.7oz


Dragees Silver Rice 3.7oz


Dragees Silver Rods 3.3oz


Dragees Silver Squares 3.7oz


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